In celebration of our 10 year anniversary, we thank you for your support

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Proud Recipient of the 'Best of La Crosse' Award
for Comunity Health and Education

2003 - 2013

Our Journey So Far

As part of the nomination process for the 'Best of La Crosse Award Program', we compiled a list of our programs and activities, our present and past associates, our student clients, community supporters, grantors, our mentors, institutes and communities that, in one way or the other, influenced or contributed to the deciscions and decade of operation.

We will never know whether the La Crosse Award judges contacted you or not, but we wish to let you know that we felt honored to have received the award.

On behalf of all of us at the Health International Network System & Institute, I wish to personally express our gratitute for your support.

Thank you, and our best wishes.

Dr. Justin Odulana
President and CEO
Community Health and Education Consultants

Dr. Justin Odulana

Dr. Justin Odulana
President and CEO

Health International Network System & Institute
3168 Thirty Fifth Street South,
La Crosse, WI, USA
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