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Working with individuals, local, national, and global communities in creating preventive culturally sustainable health and education solutions!

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Health International Network System and Institute

Holistic Community Public Health Programs, and Thesis and Dissertation Education Services

HINS Institute for Dissertation Community Mental Health Public Health Education Public Health Programs HINS Client Center for Forms and Brochures HINS Reports, Kudos, Awards, and Students' Presentations

Corporate headquarters:
3168 Thirty Fifth Street South, La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601, USA.
Phone: +608.787.8997   +608.317.9131

President/CEO: Justin Odulana, PhD., MPH, MS.

Our Mission:

Health International Network System (HINS) and its Institute believes that at the heart of creating culturally specific health behavior changes and national development is research, training, and education. As a result, our goals are to work with communities, organizations, governments, other agencies and institutions in promoting scientifically-based, innovative, and culturally specific health and peace solutions that enrich every dimension of human life, and to provide tutorial and editorial assistances to advance students working within their Academic College's Honesty Policy, in the enhancement of their thesis, dissertation, presentation, publication, resume, and career advancement work.

Our Experiences:

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