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Health International Network System and Institute

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At HINS, we are very conscious that what gets a nation where it is today will not necessarily get it where it needs to be at the end of the millennium decade.

Depite all the financial and human resource assistances created by various local and international donors to assist nations' reach their social and economic developmental goals, internal incivility, fragile peace, conflicts, exclusions, well-meaning but poorly executed reconstruction, integration, fertility, mortality, public health, and post-conflict policies are some of the challenges impacting the attainments, achievements, and sustainability of many nations' millennium development goals and objectives.

Rigorous research on the determinants of national developmental goals, peace, war, and reconstruction, indicated that, on the basis of its experiences, prejudices, sensitivities, preferences and priorities, every community has a list of issues, problems, and challenges that it feels and considers to be crucial, topical, menacing, and relevant to its survival in peace and at war.

Based on our consultancy experiences for many UN agencies and the World Bank in India, and in many African, and Caribbean countries, HINS will conduct country assessment on the impacts of peace, fragile peace and conflicts on the socio-economic, public health, and other millennium development efforts of a country. We will prepare reports, recommendations, and if so requested, provide the necessary training and/or infrastructure that will assist in obtaining funds for the implementation of our recommendations.