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Our Editorial Services for Academic theses, dissertations, and college projects start at $75 per chapter.

Three types of services are offered within the academic editorial services of the HINS for academic projects.

Service I: Editing The Paper (Chapter by Chapter)

Service I utilizes the CAPP system in which directions are provided on the paper through pencil writings and marks. Under this service, suggestions are made, questions are raised, and additional work or research is recommended as seen necessary to ensure clarity, organization consistency, substance, and content. Each edited chapter is mailed back to the researcher (using a stamped self addressed envelop provided by the researcher), and the researcher completes the work on the other end. Fee for this service begins at $75 per chapter.

An example of our EP Service follows:

In terms of the number of students who are served by the school [A1] in 2005, there were 503 students in grades kindergarten through five. Sixty of these students were in the pre-kindergarten program. Data [A2] showed that the racial composition of the students who attend the school, 25% are African American, 5% Asian, 3% Hispanic and 67% Caucasian American. [A3]

The number of full-time teachers at the school is 39.  The school has a student-to-teacher ratio of 15.6 while the national average is 15.9. A review of the teachers' educational training showed that 51% (n = 20) have doctorate degrees, 33% (n = 13) have masters degrees, 14% (n = 6) have other professional degrees. The school would be considered a Title 1 School because 90% of the students are eligible to receive free or reduce [A4] meals.

[A1] Delect this statement and start the paragraph with “According to school records, in 2005, etc.”
[A2] Delete the word Data, and substitute “School records showed, etc.”
[A3] Delete the word “The number of” and start sentence with “Full-time teachers, etc.”
[A4] Change this sentence to: “Since 90% of the students are eligible to receive free or reduce meals, the school falls within the Title 1 category.”

Service II: Working On The Paper (Chapter by Chapter)

Service II incorporates the elements of EP Service I with actually working on the chapter using the computer assisted electronic editing CAEE method. Under this Service, in addition to the services provided under Service I above, editorial improvements are made directly into the manuscript to enhance accuracy, compliance and adherence to laid-out guidelines of the Instructor.  With the finished product under WOP Service II, comments are minimized, and for omissions or/and inaccuracies suspected, the editor may request original material or source of such a material to authenticate written statements.  This service also ensures linkages and appropriate transition from one chapter to another.  Under WOP Service II, the researcher receives each edited chapter electronically, with very little to add to the finished product.  Fee for this service begins at $100 per chapter. An example of WOP Service II will be provided upon receipt of manuscript.

Service III: Our Premier Service: Project Shadowing Management with the Researcher (Chapter by Chapter)

In our Premier Service (Project Shadowing Management), the researcher forms an alliance with our editor in which appropriate technical advise such as method of recruitment, retention, accessing study sample, type and how to obtain participants' consent, issues of reliability, validity, and fidelity, how to fulfill the federal governmen's guidelines on research with human subjects, type of statistics to utilize for data analysis, etc. are provided to the researcher.  With the Premier Service, editorial improvements are achieved through writing, editing, proofreading, and checking references for accuracy on each chapter. Opinion on logistics, style and formation of the manuscripts are suggested as necessary, and with the approval of the researcher, appropriate research materials are utilized and in corporated by our editor into the manuscript. Fee for this service begins at $150 per chapter.

An outline of our Premier Service of Project Shadowing Management with the researcher will be developed and presented to the researcher after an initial evaluation of request.

Additional Information

Charges are pro rated per chapter. Depending upon the service required, a 50% non refundable deposit is required to start work on a chapter. The balance for each chapter is required upon release of the Chapter to the researcher, to begin the following chapter until all five chapters are completed.

Except for our EP Service I, comments and changes will be incorporated into each chapter, and our rational for making such changes will be provided at the end of the chapter for our client's review.  Unless prior arrangements are made, a minimum of seventy two (72) hours is required for the completion of editorial service on each chapter under our EP Service I.

Services such as the development of data collection instrument, pilot testing of materials, psychometrics, analysis of data, preparation of tables, and part creation of original documents are provided at additional charges. Estimates are available upon specification of required services.