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Working with individuals, local, national, and global communities in creating preventive culturally sustainable health and education solutions!

Health International Network System and Institute

Holistic Community Public Health Programs, and Thesis and Dissertation Education Services

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We created the HINS Consultancy Services to offer our unique educational, program development, implementation, and evaluation skills, techniques and expertise to public health organizations and communities involved in the provision of information, education, and services.

HINS Consultancy Services are designed to bring unique perspectives to organizational management, staff and volunteer development and team building. Our strategic emphasis is based on achieving positive outcomes by working with the whole person, and on using a wide range of creative training methods to draw out the full potential of each individual or team member of an organization or community.

Based on many years experience of building team work, forging cooperative working relationship and conducive environments among individuals, team members and communities, we will explore new approaches to leadership and find new ways to accomplish our clients' goals to increase productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Our consultancy services utilize creativity, inspiration, and a sense of team spirit to bring harmony and unity of purpose to the profit and non-profit workplace. HINS Consultancy Services are carefully tailored to meet the precise needs of our client.

HINS Consultancy Services include: